File Recovery – Introduction

Welcome to File Recovery Tips! Here, you’ll find authoritative advice from data recovery professionals that will help you recover deleted files and restore data from corrupted or formatted hard drives. Although these articles were written by data recovery specialists who use professional and/or corporate level software, the tips and advice you’ll find here are applicable to both everyday users and power users. Whether you’ve tried your hand at undeleting a file before or are completely new to the process, you’ll gain valuable and useful information to help your cause.

Here’s a quick summary of the main articles on this site:

What Happens When You Delete a File?

Before you learn about how files can be undeleted, it’s worthwhile to understand what happens (and doesn’t happen) when a file is deleted. This brief overview will give you the working knowledge you need to understand the concepts and terminology in the other articles on this site.

Help! I’ve Accidentally Emptied My Recycle Bin!

For the everyday PC user who hasn’t reviewed this website, emptying the Recycle Bin is the point of no return. But with our tips and tutorials, you can undelete files even after you’ve emptied your Recycle Bin or Trash. This article starts with some important cautions and warnings and moves on to file recovery advice specific to an emptied Recycle Bin.

The Realities of File Recovery: Three Pervasive Hard Drive Repair Myths Debunked

Some users have just enough knowledge about data recovery to be dangerous. Unfortunately, these users are often among those giving advice on forums and Q&A sites. Sometimes, their advice can make your situation much, much worse. Read our piece on hard drive repair myths and protect yourself from misinformation.

File Recovery Tips

For file recovery and undelete jobs big and small, it’s best to follow the same best practices that data recovery professionals live by. Some of the tips that will improve your chances for a successful file recovery are common sense—others aren’t. Before you act, get educated with our file recovery tips.

How to Undelete Photos and Videos from an SD Card

Memory cards for digital cameras and digital camcorders are the easiest to accidentally wipe. But they are also the easiest to recover deleted files from. SD cards don’t come with all the complications of system disks, and they aren’t typically partitioned or full formatted. This article will walk you through the process.

How to Undelete Files from the System Disk

Given all the reasons an external memory card is easy to recover data from, a system disk is the opposite. System disks get wiped or corrupted for various reasons, and the impact can be catastrophic. There are degrees of complexity when it comes to recovering data from a corrupted or formatted System Disk, and this article (and the next) will guide you through the best and worst case scenarios.

Can You Recover Files after Formatting a Drive

When a disk is formatted, all the data on it goes away forever. Or does it? Depending on what type of format you’ve performed, you may be able to get that data back. This article lets you evaluate your chances for recovering data from a full format, quick format, or repartition. 


Data recovery can be an art and a science, but it’s not magic. Learning how hard drives function and how file systems work can help you recognize the most prudent path forward for any data loss, disk corruption, virus attack, or accidental deletion situation you may encounter. Start with the articles above and you’ll have an excellent foundation for building your data recovery repertoire.